Lucid owners purchasing the Lucid Maintenance Agreement will be entitled to a range of goods and services when purchasing the package.

What software upgrades are included in the maintenance package?

All product updates, enhancements, software releases and fixes at no extra cost other than the cost of the maintenance agreement.

What services are included in the maintenance agreement?

We will provide email and telephone support as required and at our first opportunity, usually within the same day. We will provide advice and assistance to you where you encounter difficulties in developing your Lucid key.

Continuation of maintenance

Lucid users purchasing the maintenance package will be entitled to receive all software releases during the period of currency of the maintenance agreement. If the agreement lapses users will not be entitled to receive further software upgrades or product support

Can I have a lapsed maintenance agreement reinstated?

Yes, however we require this to be backed dated to the expiry date of the previous maintenance agreement which will enable you to access all software release in the intervening period

Maintenance agreement cost

The 12 month maintenance and support package can be purchased for $A150 renewable annually.

Is the maintenance cost good value?

When you consider the Lucid development program proposed and that all future releases and upgrades will be priced at a percentage of the full package cost we think the maintenance package represents excellent value. For those intensive users developing complex keys and requiring constant software updates and support we recommend this option.

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