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New Builder 3.6

Lucid v3.6 Released

The Lucid software development team has just released the newest version of Lucid software, version 3.6, which includes a number of new features and important enhancements.

v3.6 Change Log
  • Added new JavaScript based Lucid Player (Browser Player).

    The Java Runtime Environment (JRE) no longer needs to be installed by the end user, only by the key’s author (for the Builder), and your deployed keys will run under all modern browsers without the need for any plug-ins.

  • Updated the key deployment options and various deployable setup packages.
  • Added a new media check reporting tool.
  • Added new and improved image viewing interface to the Desktop application Player.
  • Improved the media removal options within the Builder.
  • Improved the way drag and drop works within the Builder.
  • Updated underlying image handling components to improve thumbnailing, support of additional color palettes and transparency options.
  • Added Unique Identifier field option for items. This can be used for referencing elements within the key, via JavaScript, when customising the Browser Player.
  • Removed the Applet Player as a deployment option.
  • Removed the SDD import/export support.
  • Changed some underlying default preference setting values in the Builder to give a better visual experience.
  • Fixed several minor bugs and made underlying changes to default Java libraries to optimise the Builder and Desktop application Player under the latest Java Runtime Environment (JRE).
  • Updated the Help files.

If you have current Lucid maintenance this update is free. Otherwise, if you own v3.5 you can purchase the v3.6 upgrade via our on-line store.

Those who have pre-purchased the v3.6 upgrade will receive a separate email notification once your account has been granted access to the v3.6 downloads.

If you have any questions or require support please take a look at the Frequently Asked Questions page or contact us via the help desk.

We hope you enjoy version 3.6.

The Lucid Team.



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Upgrade pricing only available to current v3.5 licence holders.
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